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Please make sure you read the following guide carefully before proceeding!

and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us on: [email protected] or call us: 01145572259

Seller Guide

  •  Name your store with your own Name

  •  Take a Photo of your work in a good lighting environment to ensure the best quality

  •  Crop the photo exactly on the work

  •  Add the dimensions and material used in the short description

  •  Name each piece you exhibit and add a description with it, describing what were you feeling whilst making it and the story of the piece

  • After the painting is published it will be in pending state till our art critics review it and it will be approved within 48 hours.will inform when it goes live

  • Upon Purchase, you will receive a mail with order details, and then wait for a Flareinn

    representative to contact you and arrange the pick up OF the piece. If you did not receive it please send an email to [email protected].

  •  Price your product by considering the material used, the size of the work and the working

    hours you spent. For a complete guide for pricing, check the pricing guide here.

  • We know that sometimes it is hard for an amateur to price his art, so if you are facing this

    obstacle, please check this pricing guide, it is specially created to help you price your art.

  •  We believe that your art is your property, and you can sell it anywhere else, however, make sure the piece you are exhibiting right now is available, and if you sold it elsewhere, please remove it from your store.

  •  If you are exhibiting your piece elsewhere, make sure that the pricing on the website and on ground is the same.

  •  If your piece is NOT drawn on a canvas, please frame it before exhibition.

  • Note that, the higher the quality of your paintings the better rating you get, so try to choose the best quality of artwork you are exhibiting.

  •  In case of Unavailability of the piece upon order, the artist may face banning from the

    platform, so make sure that you put an existing product on your store.

  • Flareinn’s commission fees is 20% after the paintings is sold.


How to create your store on Flareinn:

How to add new product to your store:

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