• Click on “Products”












  • Click on “Add new product”










  1. Add the main image of your artwork “Make sure you upload high quality and cropped image for the main image section”

  2. Add gallery images for you artwork “different images from different angles”
  3. Enter a name for your artwork and don’t forget to write the dimensions of your painting e.g. “Starry Night (75 x 75)”
  4. Enter a price for your artwork
  5. Enter a short description about the materials, dimensions, category e.g. “Abstract, 70×100, Acrylic, Oil on Canvas”
  6. Choose a category for your artwork e.g. “Oil Painting”
  7. Choose some tags that describe your painting e.g. “Colorful, Oil, Canvas …etc”
  8. Write a long description about your artwork e.g. “The story behind this artwork is: ……”
  9. After finishing all the above, click on “CREATE PRODUCT”











  • An Example of how to describe your artwork











  • Now, you’ll notice a “Pending Review” message












  1. Make sure you enable the “Stock Management”

  2. Enter the quantity
  3. Make sure the product status is “Pending”
  4. Click on “SAVE PRODUCT”














  • Now, your artwork is successfully added to your store









  • Congratulations, now your artwork is successfully submitted and it will be reviewed by our team in 3-4 days

  • Make sure you follow all the instructions above and in the seller guide while adding the artwork in order to get approved








  • When your artwork is approved, you’ll receive an email from Flareinn.