Anxiety & Jaggedness

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Abstract expressionism, 70*100 cm, Acrylic & mixed media on canvas.

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This is how I feel when I get hit by an anxiety attack. It’s absolutely awful, when it hits, it hits hard and unmercifully. My head goes all over the place, I lose the ability to grab a hold of myself or my thoughts. Which then are followed by a bunch of uninvited physical pains that include: migraines, dizziness, short of breath, flushing face, cold sweats, & a heavy chest. My heartbeats go so fast then so slow & I can literally feel that jaggedness & those edgy points in my painting inside my heart.

NOTE: the texture on this painting is made out of some materials that I make & build myself. so I build my desired texture first, straight on the canvas, then I paint on top of it.


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